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Hi!  I’m Kevin, the founder of Frugal Mouse.

Frugal Mouse is here to help you save as much money as possible on your next Disney vacation so you can stay longer, go more often or have more in that rainy day fund.

As all rabid Disney fans can relate to, as soon as I’m home from one trip I’m already thinking about the next one.  But with the high cost of a Disney vacation these days it makes it hard for many people to go as much as they would like.

So with the biggest barrier to being able to go more often being the high cost I started researching ways to cut out many of the large expenses that come with the trips.

Using many of the methods you’ll read about here on Frugal Mouse I was able to shave thousands of dollars of cost from my trips which allow me to visit much more frequently.  I want you to be able to save a ton of money on your next vacation which is the reason that I started Frugal Mouse.

I hope you enjoy reading about the many techniques, trips and secrets there are to saving money on your next Disney vacation.

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