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Disney World Vacation Packages 2015

You won't be seeing this view for much longer

Disney World offers many vacation packages for 2015 depending on when you go and what exactly you are looking for during your vacation. Going with a Disney vacation package 2015 offers cost savings plus the convenience of booking everything at once. In addition to the official Disney vacation packages other travel agents, airlines and AAA also offer their own Disney vacation packages for 2015. Take a look below at the various packages you can get for your Disney vacation! [click to continue…]

Notes and Thoughts From My Recent Disney Trip


As I’m writing up this post it’s a beautiful 20 degrees outside (although sunny). Having come from warm and beatufiful central Florida it’s quite a shock to the system going back to weather 50 degrees colder. I just returned from a great trip down to the ‘World to watch my brother run the Disney 10k as part of the Marathon Weekend.

I wanted to share some thoughts, notes and observations from my trip along with some of the pictures I took while there. Overall it was an amazing trip as always, all of the parks are looking good as usual but a lot of construction which I like to see. That means we’ll be seeing some new things coming soon which I’m very excited about. [click to continue…]

My Favorite Disney App – My Disney Experience


I’m always first and foremost a Disney Geek but if I were to choose my #2 obsession it would be technology. My iPhone might be my favorite thing in the world, I’ve been obsessed with new iPhone 6 that I picked up last week. Related to my technology and phone obsession is using technology in the Disney parks to help save you time and money when planning and touring.

One of my favorite apps that I use regularly on every trip is the official My Disney Experience mobile app which is available for iPhone and Android. The app can really save you a ton of time in the parks by using the various features such as [click to continue…]

Disney News Updates – New Shows, Opening Dates + more!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Magic KIngdom

Disney hit us with a lot of exciting news the past few weeks with attraction opening dates, new shows and new deals coming out soon. It’s no secret that Universal has been doing a great job recently of poaching many visitors away from Disney with their big Harry Potter expansion so Disney is really stepping up their game to try and keep visitors on site and away from Universal.

The announcements made last week are not on the level of a Harry Potter land expansion but will all be nice additions and value-adds for your Disney vacation. [click to continue…]

Fastpass+ Gets an Upgrade


Today on the Disney Parks Official Blog there was an exciting announcement from the chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts about new features that were being rolled out to the new Fastpass+ system. Previously guest were only able to reserve three rides per day at one park but that’s all going to change next week.

[click to continue…]