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$500 Disney Gift Card Giveaway


Who likes giveaways things, especially when it’s Disney related? The National Consumer Center is currently running a sweepstakes that will give away a $500 Disney gift card for answering just a three questions. I just signed up for the giveaway, it only took about 1 minute to do. We’ll see if I end up getting one but it never hurts to try!



How to Save Money on Water at Disney World


Nothing pains me more than having to pay any amount of money for water, let alone over $2.75. I’m sure you can relate to the feeling as you frustratingly pull out your wallet to pay for something that should practically be free. Disney knows they have you – it’s hot and humid central Florida which means you’ll need plenty of water during the day.

Luckily we have a few options when it comes to water to keep the costs down or even to $0. [click to continue…]

Free Sandwich at Earl of Sandwich Downtown Disney


One of the better dining (and slightly cheaper) options at Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney) is the Earl of Sandwich. Earl of Sandwich recently rolled out their new loyalty program, Club Sandwich which is giving out one free sandwich after registering. In addition to the free sandwich when you sign up you also get a freebie on your birthday plus other “exclusive offers” when joining the club.

Sign Up Here <–

If you have a family you could register everyone for the club and get a free lunch or dinner for everyone at Downtown Disney. It’ll save you about $10 or so a person so a decent savings if you register everyone in your family to get a free sandwich.

It’s not too often that you get anything for free at Disney World so I would definitely take advantage of this offer!

The 5 Best Free Things to do at Disney World

Free Soda Club Cool

When vacationing at Disney World you sometimes get the feeling that they’re always trying to wring every last penny out of your pocket…because they are. You may be surprised to know that there are many fun and free things that you can do at Disney World that are actually worth doing. Too many times the free things to do lists include lame/boring things to do but not this one – these are proven, fun things to do that won’t cost you a penny.

I put together my favorite 5 free things to do at Disney World that are actually fun and that I’ve done in the past. [click to continue…]