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How I’m Flying to Disney for $11.20

aadvantage avios

I’m currently in the process of booking my trip for early January 2015 for a quick weekend trip with my family to watch my brother run in the 10k race as part of the marathon weekend. I normally would have booked this trip much earlier but things have been busy (and a little procrastination) so just getting around to getting everything finalized now. With christmas coming up I was looking to make this trip as frugal as possible which meant minimizing as many costs as I can.

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Negative Changes to American Airlines AAdvantage

American Airlines AAdvantage Devaluation

This morning American Airlines surprised everyone with many negative changes to their frequent flier program, AAdvantage.  Many of the changes impact mainly international fliers, if you want to check out the full list see everything in detail.  What is very disappointing with these changes is that they were rolled out this morning with no warning at all.

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