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How to Drive to Disney World on the Cheap

Drive to Disney World

Many of you are lucky enough to live close enough to make driving a great (cheap) option to get to Orlando. Even if you have a long road trip to get to Florida you can still save a lot of money, especially if you have a larger family by packing everyone in the van and going.

Gas prices are the largest variable when traveling by car to Disney. Generally gas prices will be higher during the summer months because of travel and gas will also be slightly more expensive along highways because of the convenience. With a longer trip, it is important that [click to continue…]

How to Save Money on Water at Disney World


Nothing pains me more than having to pay any amount of money for water, let alone over $2.75. I’m sure you can relate to the feeling as you frustratingly pull out your wallet to pay for something that should practically be free. Disney knows they have you – it’s hot and humid central Florida which means you’ll need plenty of water during the day.

Luckily we have a few options when it comes to water to keep the costs down or even to $0. [click to continue…]

How I’m Flying to Disney for $11.20

aadvantage avios

I’m currently in the process of booking my trip for early January 2015 for a quick weekend trip with my family to watch my brother run in the 10k race as part of the marathon weekend. I normally would have booked this trip much earlier but things have been busy (and a little procrastination) so just getting around to getting everything finalized now. With christmas coming up I was looking to make this trip as frugal as possible which meant minimizing as many costs as I can.

[click to continue…]

How to get a Disney Pin Code


One tool that Disney uses to encourage people to come and pay them a visit is to offer discount codes which are also know as Pin Codes. These pin codes are coveted discounts that many Disney fans hope to receive in the snail mail or via email. These pin codes are exclusive offers that Disney sends to individuals that can only be redeemed by that person for various discounts on rooms, tickets or packages.

The question that many Disney fans has is how do I get targeted with a Disney Pin code offer? [click to continue…]

Barclaycard Arrival Re-Launches as the Arrival+ Card


Barclaycard rolled out a new version of the card formerly know as the Barclaycard Arrival. The new Arrival+ card retains most of the benefits of the old card but introduces a few new features to make it even better of a travel card. As I’ve written in the past the Barclaycard Arrival is one of my favorite cash back travel cards because it earns 2.2% cash back on all purchases, that cash back can then be spent to redeem for travel expenses. [click to continue…]