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How to Get 10% off all Your Disney World Purchases (including food!)

Disney Gift Card

5/24 Update: It appears that only the Target RED Debit/Credit card is working to get 5% off gift cards now.

What would you think about getting 10% off of every single purchase on your vacation at Disney World?

10% may not seem like much but here at Frugal Mouse every penny counts!  This method isn’t too difficult to pull off either so it’s a quick and easy way to save a few bucks here and there.

Target recently rolled out two new cards, a Target RED Debit and Target RED Credit card.  Both cards give you 5% off of every purchase at Target plus free shipping for online purchases.  Both cards feature no annual fees which is good though beware of the credit card because the interest rate is a whopping 22.9%!  That shouldn’t really matter because we always pay our credit cards off each month (right?).

What’s nice about these cards is that you can use the 5% discount to purchase gift cards and Target stocks Disney gift cards!  Not to mention that you get 5% off at all other purchases at Target and on plus free shipping as well.

To apply for a Target REDcard you can either visit customer service in store or apply online at

I’m going to be using the Target Debit REDcard because I have enough credit cards already and the debit card won’t require a credit report pull.

Target REDCard

When registering you’ll need to have your checking account number and bank routing number to link them up. The debit card needs to be linked to an active checking account to pull money from when you make a purchase – it will operate just like any other debit card.

After you’ve successfully registered for the card a verification process needs to take place by Target depositing a few small deposits then you verifying the amounts, this process can take 3-5 days to clear.  Your card should arrive in the mail a few days later, just call the number to activate and you’ll be all set!

Now that we have our first 5% off, let’s work on getting a second stackable 5% off coupon which will bring our total savings to 10%.

5% Coupon for Target Pharmacy Rewards

There are two ways you can get the second, stackable 5% off. Target has a pharmacy program which rewards a 5% coupon off of an entire purchase two ways

  • Filling 5 prescriptions using your REDcard

  • Enrolling to manage your account online.

What’s nice about these coupons is that you can stack them on top of your discount from your REDcard bringing your total savings up to 10% for a purchase.

I don’t have any prescriptions to fill so I’m going to use the enroll online option to get a 5% off coupon.  If you do have prescriptions you can get two coupons but they can’t stack on top of each other.

How To Get the 5% Off Coupon

1. Go to
2. On this page you’ll see two options to get the 5% off coupons at the bottom, click on the right option.

Register for Pharmacy

3. Complete the registration process by filling out the form on the site.  At the end of the registration process you should see a popup at the end confirming that your coupon will arrive in the mail.  Score!


After you have your Target REDcard and 5% pharmacy rewards coupon in hand, time to purchase some gift cards!

Target Disney Gift Cards

The Disney Gift cards can be purchased both in store and online so you don’t even have to go to a store to purchase.  Note that you are limited to purchasing 10 at a time online.

Another benefit to having the REDcard is that you get free shipping on order from

Money Saving Strategies

Disney Gift Cards are accepted in all parks and at Disney resorts at both WDW and Disneyland.  I’ve found that the gift cards are hit and miss at locations at Downtown Disney which is understandable since they are other companies running those restaurants & stores.

How I have used this discount in the past is to use gift cards for all of my food purchases in the parks.  For example on my last trip I budgeted $500 for spending  on food and some shopping for my trip.  I was able to purchase 10 gift cards at a cost of $450 for a $50 savings (10%) which gave me $500 to spend in the parks.

It’s also a good way to set a spending budget – once you’re out of your gift cards your budget is up.  Just be very careful about not losing the gift cards, be sure to treat them like cash because it is!

You are also able to use your gift cards at:

  • Room resort costs
  • Park tickets
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Disney Store

Being able to save 10% on all merchandise and food purchases in the parks is a nice savings when otherwise we would be paying full price.  If you have any Disney gift card tips or other ways to utilize the Target discounts post them to the comments!

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  1. Target no longer allows you to use Pharmacy rewards on Disney gift cards. New policy effective end of March 2014.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, I’ve put a note on the post

  2. You can still get the 5% red card discount on disney gift cards – I did it on 5/21/14. I think it’s just the pharmacy discount that is excluded. 🙂

    1. Thanks Kathy! I updated the post with the update.

  3. I didn’t get the 5% off confirmation (popup window) at the end of my target online registration? Do you know if they are still issuing them? Please let me know! Thanks!

    1. According to the site you still will get the 5% off coupon, I tried a dummy registration and didn’t get the popup either. The coupon is suppose to arrive in the mail so I would wait a week or two to see if it shows up. If not I would contact Target to inquire about it.

      I’ll let you know if I get a coupon in the mail!

      1. Thanks for your reply! I hope I get it! Really can use to save as much as I can! Sucks that I can’t use it on the Disney gift cards! I found out about it too late! 🙁 I guess 5% with my redcard is better than nothing! 🙂

      2. i got my pharmacy card in today but no pharmacy 5% off coupon 🙁 im sad….

        1. If I remember correctly the coupon came separately so there is still hope!

  4. I just bought Disney gift cards at a Target in California today, 8/30/14, and my Red Card discount was applied, but the Pharmacy Rewards discount didn’t work. Still, I’ll take 5%!

    1. I agree, I’ll take 5% over no discount at all. Bummer that the 10% isn’t working anymore but good to hear the 5% is still working.

  5. I could be interpreting incorrectly, but it appears that your 5/24 update note says that only the pharmacy card works, as opposed to the Red Rewards card getting the discount and not the pharmacy card.

    1. Hi There – Yes you are right, the Red Card still gets the discount but the pharmacy card does not anymore. Updated the update 🙂

  6. Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for the article, but the update still looks wrong? It says only the 5% Pharmacy Rewards coupon works for the gift card. You meant the Target Red Debit Card and Target Red Credit card, right?

    Also, do you know when Target has a sale on the Disney gift cards? I hear it happens a couple times a year. Thank you!

    1. Thanks – Fixed!

  7. If you shop through ebates you will also get cash back from them.

  8. If you spend more than 10 days in the parks in the span of a year, it makes sense to get an Annual Pass which entitles you to several discounts, including 10% off purchases of purchases all over the parks for souveniers as well as at many food locations. My family visits twice within a year, typically in the fall making sure that our second trip of the year is scheduled just before our passes will expire. If you renew your pass, you get a discount of just over $100 off the regular price. Additionally, you can get the Tables in Wonderland card (for a cost of $125 annually) that provides 20% off most table service & some counter service locations. Depending upon how your family vacations, that can add up to lots of savings as well.

  9. When I go to the Target website it says that that gift cards are only available “In Store” and I’m not able to add it to my cart 🙁

    1. I had this issue today, but it was only for the $100 cards, not the $50. I went ahead and ordered 4/$50 cards (the limit for one transaction). I am hopeful this is a temporary snafu, not something that Target is doing to try and put the kibosh on this practice. They recently had a day where you could order up to $300 Target card on the Target site for 10% off. I was able to then also get the 5% off when I used it to purchase the Disney GC’s , saving a total of $45 off the $300 in Disney Cards! Wish I could do that all the time!

  10. Neither the red card or target Rx rewards worked to discount these gift cards. I even went to customer service and they said no discounts are applied to gift cards

    1. Target gave back a $5 gift card back with the purchase of two Disney gift cards for a week this December (along with Starbucks and iTunes). I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to post it. With the CVS acquisition of Target, they will no longer offer the 5% off Pharmacy Rewards (not that it or the Red Card made a difference in savings for the Disney gift cards). Another way to save is with the Starbucks Rewards program! I heard it’s accepted at the Starbucks at Disneyworld.

  11. I am trying to find Disney Debit cards or gift cards that I can add to until they go on their Disney trip later in 2016. Help!

  12. I’ve found a new way to save an additional 5-8% off your Disney GC purchases! Use to buy discounted Target cards for anywhere between 5-8% off (about 6% is what I see most frequently). You then add the target gc’s to your Target account. Since you have your Red card set up as default payment, you will get the 5% off the Disney GC’s even though you are actually paying for them with a GC. I did this for my trip earlier this month and saved about $600 in total. It is a bit of work since you can only order 3/$100 & 4/$50 Disney cards per transaction at Target, but totally worth the extra work to save over 10% on your entire trip! I also used a credit card that gives me 1.5% cash back when purchasing the Target cards so that added to my savings as well. Hope this helps!

  13. Target will sometimes discount their own gift cards which can then be turned around and applied to Disney gift cards. I bought about $1500 worth of Target gift cards at 10% off! then used them on Disney gift cards with my Red card and saved an extra 5%. The sale was only for 1 day though, so look sharp!

  14. I was told in store today that Target no longer gives 5% off on Gift Cards. Do you know if that is true?


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