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Disney World FREE Dining 2015 is HERE!


Free dining has finally been announced by Disney!! I’ll get straight to the details which you’ve been waiting for.

To get the FREE Disney dining plan you will need to book a non-discounted (aka full price) Magic Your Way vacation package on the offer dates.

Available Offer Dates:

  • 8/28/15 – 10/2/15
  • 10/25/15 – 10/31/15
  • 11/8/15 – 11/19/15
  • 12/15/15 – 12/21/15

Your check in date must fall within one of the offer dates for your stay to be eligible for the free dining package. If you check in during the offer dates but your stay extends outside of the dates you can have the free dining the whole time.

If the second half of your stay lands within the offer dates you can call up Disney to split your stay so you can at least have free dining during the second half of your stay.

A minimum stay of 3 nights along with a minimum of 2 day park tickets are required for your stay.

Disney Value resort guest will get the quick service dining plan for free, if you are at a moderate or deluxe resort you get the standard dining package for free. If you are at a value resort you can upgrade to the full package for an additional $18.65 (adults)/$3.20 (child) per night.

There are some excluded resorts that are not eligible for the free dining plan:

  • Bay Lake Tower
  • Villas at Grand Floridian
  • Villas at Polynesian Village
  • Port Orleans French Quarter
  • All-Star Movies
  • Little Mermaid (i.e. Standard) rooms at Art of Animation Resort
  • Campsites and 3-bedroom villas
  • Port Orleans Riverside – only available from 8/28/15 – 10/2/15.

To book you can contact Disney or an official Disney travel agent. Book by 7/10/2015. As with all Disney offers spots will be limited so if you want in on the free dining be sure to book soon.

What if I’m already booked?
If your stay is during the free dining period you can call up Disney to switch packages. You can also switch your dates so they land during the free dining period.

Do you have any questions about this year’s free dining plan? Post them to the comments!

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  1. We’ve been booked for a few months now to go 9/30 – 10/6. My travel agent was on hold with Disney today for more than 9.5 hours trying to get us the free dining package. After all that wait time she couldn’t even get it for us, even though our check in dates falls during the time frame and we are staying at a deluxe resort. Seems like a scam if not everyone can get it. Very disappointed

  2. This has been a nightmare! On the phone at 6am to modify my reservation that was already scheduled for allowable dates and was told it was already sold out for my room type.

  3. Do you know why port Orleans is only certain dates? I’m really bummed because we are booked for 10/29-11/5 so I guess we’re out of luck 🙁

    1. Must just be a capacity control thing that is causing them to do that. You can always change your resort to another one to take advantage!

      1. Hi! We change resorts to Coronado springs and was able to get the dining plan and I was able to do it all online!! Thanks for the great site and help!

  4. Thanks Kevin! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the free dining option on my September reservation at Finding Nemo (there was only a certain # rooms set aside for the offer), but I did get the discounted suite which saved even more money!

  5. Finding Nemo suites offering free dining?

    1. I believe so, I don’t see it in the excluded list so it should be included. Double check with Disney of course

  6. We can’t see this offer in the UK. Does this appear to be a USA only offer?


    1. Should be open to the UK as well, didn’t see any restrictions on countries.

  7. I heard you must also purchase a park hopper for your stay> Can you verify this. Thanks.

    1. You don’t need to purchase a hopper just a magic your way pass (minimum of 2 days)

      1. I just booked, they stated I DID need to add either park hopper or water park to get free dining.

  8. I am going to go to disney when they have the free dining plan. My son is 9 and i read it says kids 3 to 9 has to eat on the kids meal. Would it be best for me to just say he is 10 so he can get whatever he wants.

    1. You can but you will also pay a lot more if you call him and adult vs. a chile.


    1. I would recommend calling them up directly to book as spots are going quickly!

  10. We have free dining but was wondering if we should/ or could upgrade our standard dining to deluxe. My husband want to know .we are going down september 10_15staying at port orleans. Its our first trip.

    1. It’s a lot of food you’ll get and pricey to boot. If you are looking to splurge then go for it but I personally don’t think it’s worth the extra money.

  11. Can APH enjoy the free dining package too?

    1. Yes, if you book a full rate room you can take advantage.

  12. Have you done the math…I plan on attending during a more off season time (I’ve only ever been during Spring Break-2 times). I wonder if it’s cheaper to go during off season (during the 5 times of year you mentioned) or is it cheaper to go during the times available that offer free dining? Any Feed Back would be helpful! Thank you!

    1. I would say for most you will save more money with the free dining package. That is also assuming that there will be a free dining package this year, that has still not been confirmed. Every family is different though, some are not big eaters so the dining plan isn’t really worth it to them. Others really value eating in the parks so they really get their money’s worth.

      Even without free dining, if you go during the cheaper times of year to go you’ll still be saving a good amount of money compared to other times of year.

      1. Thank you! We def value eating in the parks! We’ve had some of our best meals there!! Especially the seafood buffet at the Beach Club resort…it’s the real deal!! Thanks again for the advice and a resource for those of us wanting to save a few $. Our last 2 trips easily cost us 10k. I’m on a mission to cut that down quite a bit for next time!! Thanks again!


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