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Free American Airlines Miles with the AAdvantage Passport Challenge

AAdvantage Passport Challenge

American Airlines is currently running a fun and free game on Facebook where you can earn up to 10,000+ AAdvantge miles for playing.  More realistically this is more like 1000 free miles, to earn the full amount you need to fly on American and US Airways flights.  It’s an easy 1000 or so miles that can be completed in about 10-15 minutes.

The purpose of the game is to earn “passports” by completing quizzes/games, sharing and flying.  All of the games are family easy to complete and on the quizzes you get two guesses on the three potential answers.  Sharing requires you to share or like things to get the miles and flying actually requires you to fly to get them.

AAdvantage Passport Challenge

You do need to have an AAdvantage number before playing, you can sign up for one free here.

You can potentially earn the full 10,000+ miles if you complete flights on American Airlines, US Airways and other One World partners between March 21st and May 23rd.  If you have upcoming travel on American, US Airways or a One World partner this will be an easy to to earn more miles.

  • Fly US Airways
  • Fly a new American domestic route
  • Fly US Airways Shuttle
  • Fly an International Route
  • Fly on a One World partner flight.

AAdvantage Badges

If you’re like me and don’t like spamming your wall and others here’s a tip to earn the sharing points without the spam.  On the passports that require you to share something on Facebook, in the bottom left corner change the visibility to Me Only.  That way you will earn the points but it won’t show up on your wall for everyone else to see.

Set the Shares to Only Me to Avoid Spamming

Set the Shares to Only Me to Avoid Spamming

After you’ve gone through and shared/liked everything you can go back through Facebook and unlike/delete the shares, you’ll still get to keep your miles you earned!


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