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The 5 Best Free Things to do at Disney World

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When vacationing at Disney World you sometimes get the feeling that they’re always trying to wring every last penny out of your pocket…because they are. You may be surprised to know that there are many fun and free things that you can do at Disney World that are actually worth doing. Too many times the free things to do lists include lame/boring things to do but not this one – these are proven, fun things to do that won’t cost you a penny.

I put together my favorite 5 free things to do at Disney World that are actually fun and that I’ve done in the past.

1. Visit Downtown Disney

This may be a no-brainer but you would be surprised at the number of people think that Downtown Disney charges admission. Downtown Disney is a shopping/entertainment/restaurant area that is completely free of charge to go to and visit – no admission ticket needed at all, parking is even free!

free things to do at disney world

Of course if you were to shop or have a meal it would cost you but it’s just an enjoyable during the evenings strolling through Downtown Disney checking all of the things out. If you’re lucky you may even come across some free entertainment – there is a performance area right outside of the World of Disney Store.

For the kids (any kids at heart) the two areas you will want to check out are Lego Store and interactive fountains. The Lego store has amazing lego sculptures outside which are definitely worth getting a picture of. Inside of the Lego store they have many stations setup where kids can play with Legos then beg their parents to buy them some.

You’ll also find many interactive fountains all over Downtown Disney which are fun for the kids to play in on a hot day.

Downtown Disney is currently undergoing a transformation into Disney Springs which will almost double its size making it an even better free option to check out. Disney Springs is planned to open in 2016.

2. Joy Ride on the Monorail

Who doesn’t like a fun joyride on the monorail? When I was a kid my memories of the monorails were smelly, wet and crowded because we always went in the summer and had to battle the crowds. I did grow to love the monorails and still to this day will take an extra trip to Epcot and back just for fun and find a reason to take it.

Luckily the cost to ride the monorail is $0 which makes it a fun option to do if you’re looking for something fun and free to do.

Free things Walt Disney World

The better route is the Epcot line because it’s a little longer than the Magic Kingdom loop plus takes you into Epcot giving you great views of the park as you circle Future World.

While riding around the Magic Kingdom loop get on the resort monorail to check out the three resorts on the loop – Grand Floridian, Polynesian and Contemporary. I’ve spent hours riding the monorail from resort to resort, hopping off to explore each then heading onto the next one.

If you are planning on riding for fun I would avoid park opening and closing times as they will get crowded and no so much fun to ride.

3. Explore Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

One of my favorite resorts to visit is the Boardwalk Resort located near the Epcot/Hollywood Studios area.The Boardwalk, like it’s name has a beautiful boardwalk that is set back to the turn of the century Jersey Shore towns like Cape May and Atlantic City before Snookie and gang ruined everything.

Free stuff disney world

There are many shops, restaurants and entertainment along the boardwalk to check out or just simple stroll along the boardwalk to enjoy the great views of the water. My favorite time to go is during the evening or at night when all of the lights are on – it makes it a much better experience.

If you are driving to the boardwalk you can get a free 3 hour parking pass from the parking attendant, if you’re staying on property there are boats and busses to the resort.

 4. Watch the Electrical Water Pageant

The true test of how much a Disney geek you are is if you know what the electrical water pageant is. If you don’t know what it is you’ll be in for a treat – the water pageant is a water light parade that is run nightly around the seven seas lagoon, viewable by all of the resorts in that area.

Think of it as a Main Street Electrical parade but on the water.

It kicks off nightly at 9pm from the Polynesian then heads over to the Grand Floridian, Wilderness Lodge, Fort Wilderness then ends at the Contemporary. The best spots to view from the beaches of the Polynesian and Grand Floridian but can be viewed from anywhere around the lagoon. Best of all it doesn’t cost a dime to view!

 5. Enjoy a Free Fireworks Show

I don’t know about you but I can always enjoy a fireworks show no matter how many times I’ve seen it. If you’re looking for something free to do on a non-park day you can go catch Wishes for free from the Polynesian beach or the transportation & ticket center.

My favorite spot to watch is from the Polynesian Beach, they even play the Wishes music for you during the show on the beach. What’s even better is if the fireworks are scheduled for 9pm you can catch both the Electrical water pageant and the fireworks show at the same time!

Another option is to head towards the International Gateway entrance to Epcot (the back side near France) and watch Illuminations from there. It’s not as good because Illuminations has more low level fireworks but hey what do you want for free.

There you have five solid things that you could do on your next Disney World vacation which won’t hurt the wallet. Of course there are many more free things to do but these are the top 5 I would say to do even if you’re not looking for free things to do.

What is your favorite free thing to do at Disney World? Share in the comments!

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