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My Favorite Disney App – My Disney Experience


I’m always first and foremost a Disney Geek but if I were to choose my #2 obsession it would be technology. My iPhone might be my favorite thing in the world, I’ve been obsessed with new iPhone 6 that I picked up last week. Related to my technology and phone obsession is using technology in the Disney parks to help save you time and money when planning and touring.

One of my favorite apps that I use regularly on every trip is the official My Disney Experience mobile app which is available for iPhone and Android. The app can really save you a ton of time in the parks by using the various features such as the ability to make/update Fastpass+ reservations, seeing wait times or just having the map handy to get around.

My Disney Experience App Features

The application has many features that are really useful to have handy when touring the parks each day, here is an overview of each.

Park Maps

Yes we all love the park maps that they hand out but this is 2014 and why not save a few trees? I exclusively use the park maps on the app because I find them easier to use as well as not wasting paper by taking a paper map and eventually just throwing it out.

One the map you can easily see the wait times for each attraction, get a description of the attractions and restaurants and see which characters are appearing where. My tapping the arrow in the bottom left corner you can also show on the map where you are – a huge help for many newer travelers who aren’t familiar with the layout of the parks.

castle_middle Wait Times

This is perhaps the most useful feature of the app – attraction wait times. Most parks do have the board around showing off the wait times but how nice is it to be able to get a quick overview of each wait time by just checking out the app? I’ve saved a lot of walking time by not having to walk over to an attraction entrance just to turn around because the wait is too long.

From this screen as well you can easily make a Fastpass+ reservation right from the app. Say for example you see Buzz Lightyear is 125 minutes and you really want to ride. You can simply make a Fastpass+ reservation from the app and attend during your return window.


Dining Reservations

The app allows you to make, cancel and update dining reservations right from your phone. Decide mid-day that you want to do dinner in Mexico? Curious about what is on the menu at the restaurant? Just pop open the app and check availability, if there is a seat available you can make a reservation right from the app. I’ve done this many times and it always worked flawlessly.

reservationsMyMagic+/Magic Band Integration

With the rollout of My Magic + you can now use the app to link your MagicBand to the app which is needed to use the Fastpass+ features of the app. This app along with MyMagic+ is just a piece of the large nextgen billion dollar park experience that Disney is currently in the process of rolling out at the parks.

In addition to the list above the app has many other smaller features like creating a day plan, alerts from Disney, shared plans with friends and family plus much more. You can download the app for now for free in the app store for Android and iPhone, there are versions available for phones and tablets.

Tip: Initially don’t give the app access to your current location, Disney locks out some features until you’re actually on property so you won’t be able to see some things. If they don’t know where you are they don’t lock you out of some features 🙂

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  1. I gotta say it – this is one of my favorite things about having a smartphone – I can now utilize My Disney Experience from my phone. I didn’t know what I was missing. I was in denial! Now, I’m curious,what’s your favorite Disney restaurant?

  2. This is such a great app! Disney really thinks of everything. This app saves so much time if you are all the way across the park and want to check a wait time for a ride or check for a reservation opening too.

    1. I remember the days when you would have to walk all over the park to see wait times just to get to an attraction and find that it’s too long to wait in. No more of that!

      1. It has pretty much eliminated my obsessive trips to the Tip Board at the center of each park – which will make my family VERY happy!

  3. I too love the MyDisneyExperience app! I find the features to be useful, and most of the time it works well! I think my favorite feature is the dining section with menus.

    Have you noticed any improvement in the WDW in-park Wifi since the app was launched? We were there right after it was initially introduced and wifi was still very spotty leading to the app literally sucking the life out of my phone.

  4. I love the My Disney Experience app! I’ve been able to get a dining reservation within an hour’s time while AT the parks. I can see what rides are closed and how busy others are. I just love it! Thanks for that last tip, too! I was not aware of that.

  5. This app is so much fun! I haven’t used it in the parks yet, but I may or may not check wait times from home quite often. 🙂

    1. Is that weird that I do the same thing? I find myself just browsing through the app checking out wait times too!

  6. Great review! I’ve played around with this app at home, but not in the parks yet. I can’t wait to try it out! By the time we head back to WDW, I’ll have my new iPhone 6!! I totally understand the Disney+Technology nerdiness! 🙂 My phone is FULL of good and not so goo Disney apps!

    1. There are many junk apps out there that aren’t worth anything but this one is a good one to use for sure.

  7. Who throws out park maps?? I save all of mine!!

    One thing I wish the MDE app did was give you a full schedule of character greeting times, rather than just the next window. Often, the lines close early so it you really need to know what the next opportunity is so you can be there towards the beginning of the window.

    Are there any areas you think the MDE app could be improved?

    1. Don’t worry I always grab a few for souvenirs each trip! The idea about the full schedule would be nice to help with planning

  8. From what I have seen I would really like this app…. BUT my husband won’t link our Disney Experience accounts and he has all of our Fastpasses. How do I overcome a spouse issue?

  9. According to a Disney PR person that I spoke too a few weeks ago, Disney is not renewing it’s contract with AAA and they may not be offering the free dining plans.


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