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Why You Should Purchase Your Disney Park Tickets Now

Epcot Spaceship Earth Night

Disney just announced this past Sunday that park tickets for Disneyland would be increased effective immediately. Prices went up across the board from single day tickets, park hoppers and even annual passes on average about 10%. This price hike comes right on schedule just before the busy summer season hits to take in that extra revenue for all of the summer visitors that will be purchasing park tickets.

While there is no indication that ticket prices will be increased for Walt Disney World, if history shows anything is that we should be expecting a ticket price increase in the very, very near future. Walt Disney World unexpectedly raised ticket prices this past February on single day tickets but left all other ticket prices intact for the time being.

While a price increase is not certain to come, according to the Allears price increase chart in the past three years Disney park tickets have seen price increases in June. In fact the most common month to increase ticket prices is June with 11 price hikes during the month of June since 1971.

Disney World Passport

This World Passport from 1982 cost only $45

One money saving tip I repeat time and time again is that one of the first purchases you should make when planning your vacation is your Disney park tickets. The earlier you purchase your tickets you can lock in your price and avoid the inevitable price increases that come at a minimum once a year. This is your fair warning – if you are planning on going to visit the mouse within the next year, I would purchase your park tickets as soon as possible.

Ticket Purchasing Strategies

Like I said earlier while a ticket price increase is not guaranteed to take place this month or next, history tells us that we should be expecting an increase soon. Even if it does not happen this month or next I’m willing to put money on it that before the end of 2014 we’ll see ticket prices increase in some form.

With that said if you are planning on a trip within the next 12 months now is the time to purchase your tickets. One of the best places to purchase discount Disney World tickets is from Undercover Tourist. Other discount purchasing options at a discount are through your local AAA (if you’re a member), or purchase more than 6 tickets for a group.

Usually after Disney raises ticket prices Universal and Sea World follow suit so expect price increases from those parks as well.

A park ticket price hike is inevitable to happen this year at some point, with the recent Disneyland price increases I put a greater than 75% chance that tickets for Walt Disney World will increase in June. Purchase your tickets now to lock in your ticket prices before the prices go up!


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