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How to get a Disney Pin Code


One tool that Disney uses to encourage people to come and pay them a visit is to offer discount codes which are also know as Pin Codes. These pin codes are coveted discounts that many Disney fans hope to receive in the snail mail or via email. These pin codes are exclusive offers that Disney sends to individuals that can only be redeemed by that person for various discounts on rooms, tickets or packages.

The question that many Disney fans has is how do I get targeted with a Disney Pin code offer?

What are Disney Pin Codes?

Disney pin codes are exclusive offers that Disney sends out to targeted groups of people that they feel may take advantage of these offers to book vacations. Each pin code sent out is unique to that person, it can only be redeemed by the person it was sent to. If you were to send that to someone else they would not be able to use your code.

When redeeming the pin code offers you must know your last name, zip and pin code to be able to view the offers.

Some discount codes get released to the general public which you’ll read about here, these are general public codes that can be used by everyone. The pin codes we are discussing are the pin codes associated with a single person (hopefully you!)

Usually you’ll receive these pin code offers by either snail mail or in your email. To book a pin code you’ll need to call up Disney themselves or book through a licensed Disney travel agent. When booking your vacation you’ll tell them the alphanumeric pin code you received which will allow them to apply the discount to your vacation.

Disney Pin Codes

A recent pin code offer I received

Disney has millions of data points and analytics about us, the people that visit the parks. I’m sure we would all be creep’d out by the amount of data that they are able to collect about their visitors but this is the same data that they use to send out these targeted pin code offers.

Disney used pin codes for a few different reasons to help improve their marketing:

  1. Disney can measure the effectiveness of the promotions. Unlike a general offer that is open to the public, when you redeem your individual pin code they know exactly who redeemed it and how effective their campaign was.
  2. Refine their targeting. You received a pin code offer because Disney targeted you for some reason. If the reason you were targeted shows that their offers were being redeemed they’ll know in the future that it works.
  3. To get you to come visit. In the end, their main goal is to entice you with these discount offers in the

The only way that Disney chooses people to receive pin code offers if through their targeting. How this targeting takes place is a secret, there isn’t a set pattern or algorithm that has been found that will guarantee you receive an pin code. What I’m sharing with you in this post is to help you improve your chances of getting an offer.

For example Disney may see that people in the New York City area have not been booking many vacations to Disney World for some reason. What they can do is target pin code offers to all of their contacts in their databases that live in the New York City area to “encourage” them with discount pins to boost bookings from that area.

Disney Pin Codes

After entering the pin code online you are asked to verify your information

Disney does forecasting for occupancy rates at their resorts many months. They may see that in October of this upcoming year that occupancy levels will be low one of the tools they can turn to is the pin codes to help boost bookings.

These pin code offers may only be valid for dates in October to help fill rooms for specific dates where they are seeing lower occupancy.

How Good Are the Discounts? Generally the discounts offered by the pin codes are fairly decent. I’ve seen room only discounts anywhere from 15%-35% off, free dining offers and ticket upgrade offers from pin code mailings.

Again it will all vary depending on what offer Disney is sending out at the time. If things are really slow you’ll probably see better discounts to help boost room occupancy at the resorts.

How do I get a Disney Pin Code?

With all of that background information on how the Disney pin codes potentially work, how can we increase our chances of being targeted to receive one of these discount pin codes?

The best way that we can increase our chances of receiving a Disney pin code offer is to put yourself on Disney’s radar by giving them your information that will allow you to potentially be targeted. The more Disney knows about you the better chance that you will fall into one of their targets to receive a pin code offer.

I receive a few Disney Pin code offers a year because I have registered for just about all of the Disney online properties as well as sharing all of my information with them. I don’t know specifically what I’m being targeted by or with but I know that after registering with Disney, sharing my information that my frequency of getting the Disney pin codes has drastically increased.

Pin code offers

Don’t forget to opt-in for communication from Disney

Your first step to getting one of the coveted pin codes should be to register at the following places. On all of the registration forms be sure to check the box that allows Disney to contact you with special offers (hopefully with pin codes!)

You may want to setup a separate email address for all of these offers because you will be getting a lot of junk mail from Disney.

The pin code offers will most likely come from so be sure to add that address to your email address book or safe list. Don’t forget to check spam filters regularly as well because some offers may end up in there.


Disney will never release a way for everyone to be targeted with a pin code offer but with these tips outlined in this post you can greatly increase your chances. Pin codes are one tool that Disney uses to help fill their hotel rooms but will use their own targeting to send out these offers. If you give them as much information as you’re comfortable with you’ll have a good chance of receiving one in the future.

They key is patience with this as well, it took me many months after I first signed on all of the links above to start getting the offers, even now I only get a few a year. Keep at eye out as we start approaching the slower seasons, you’ll usually see more pin code offers come out. Good luck getting a coveted pin code!

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  1. I received a pin code today for up to 35% off room rates.

  2. I received this same offer today…but not for my planned travel dates. If I call, is there a chance they’ll extend the offer for additional dates?

    1. I have not heard of that happening but it’s worth a try! If the code overlaps even a few of your dates you can apply them for part of your trip. Let us know what you hear back!

  3. My daughter receives pin codes and so has my siister! I sent them both a Disney CD on one of the vacations they went with me and I paid for the camping. Both had children small at the time. My daughter has received at least three and I am the one who makes the reservations and pays for everything! LOL! I don’t get anything Ever! My daughter said they don’t have to send you anything you go anyways! LOL! Maybe she has a point! She received one this yr 2016 for park hopper free! THe first year she received one we had her name listed on reservation and we were able to add it to the reservation we already had for all of us and it was free dining! THat was great! I just can’t seem to get one! LOL!


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